deck interview: lumina tarot

starting with a new deck is so exciting. i received the lumina tarot last week, and have been hanging on to it in anticipation, waiting for a day that i had the time for beth's deck interview spreadIMG_3305.jpg this deck is absolutely stunning, with vivid color, graphic images, and bold interpretations. i see both light and shadow in this deck, and it immediately felt right in my hands. i feel that my decks connect to various elements, and reach each accordingly - the only element i'm missing is fire, and i'm hopeful that this deck will speak to my passion, energy, and soul.

IMG_3309what is your most important characteristic? the king of pentacles: fulfillment, satisfaction, stability, practicality. a job well done, a creative endeavor completed, goals reached, tasks finished. this king represents wisdom, generosity, and calm determination. for me, this deck will be steady and firm, offer practical advice, and guide me towards achieving my goals and dreams.

what are your strengths as a deck? the eight of pentacles, a card of hard work, focus, skill, and dedication. inspiration and motivation abound. this card really speaks to craftsmanship, which makes me think that this deck excels at guiding me to further knowledge of tarot. it will challenge my interpretations, help me gain more skill in readings, and open my eyes to the cards in new ways.

IMG_3311what are your limits as a deck? the hanged man: new perspectives, shifting attitudes, being stuck or stagnant, surrender. this card invites us to consider ideas in alternative ways, release something, and learn to accept what we cannot control or change. the lumina tarot may be limited in terms of its perspective, or i may be challenged by its lessons, but it will ultimately help me to grow and understand its wisdom.

what are you here to teach me? the maiden of cups, one of my favorite cards. she's vibrant, sensitive, curious, creative, and is guided by a deep respect for her intuition. she understands that her emotions are her strength, and finds inspiration all around and within her. this deck will teach me to be open, to explore my intuition, and to continue learning to understand my emotions and creative abilities.

IMG_3313how can I best learn and collaborate with you? the ten of cups is a card of completion, happiness, love, and fulfillment. this card is an amazing outcome card, but in this position it speaks to being open to love and community, staying connected the world and relationships around us, and trusting our emotions and instincts. i'll learn best with this deck if i let my intuition guide me, step fully into my own power, and stay open to learning and growing.

what is the potential outcome of our working relationship? the seven of wands, a card of fire, energy, activism, and inner light. this card is a reminder that i am a strong, powerful individual, that my differences make me great, that i should trust in my own spark and follow the light i'm creating. the potential outcome of working with this deck is finding renewed confidence, building a strong sense of self, and holding on to courage and conviction. working with this deck will help me find creativity, inner power, and the strength to go forward, even if that means i go it alone. it's exactly the fiery, passionate, soulful energy i was looking for in this deck, and is an amazing card in this position.

i'm so excited to begin working with this deck regularly, getting to understand its ways and wisdom, and being challenged to expand my understanding of tarot. thank you to inner hue for putting this gorgeous deck together, and to everyday magic for stocking it in the US - i can't wait to get to know it better!


intention & truth

instagram has felt easier these last few days - a bit more anonymous, a bit more concise, a bit safer. the prompts from my tarot challenge are thoughtful and focused, and i've really enjoyed getting to know others in the community. but today's cards are devoted to uncovering inner truths, and i find myself wanting a bit more space to explore these meanings. i'm utterly drained, and the last few days have been very difficult, but this feels like a good way to assess and reflect. IMG_0308

first up is my intentions: the six of wands. this is a new card for me, but i already love it - it reminds me so much of judgement, rising above darkness and shadows and tangled thoughts and feelings to be free, to find space and light, to move forward. the butterfly is so bright, so strong, and those tangled thorns below her could've shredded her wings to bits. she may be tired, she may feel worn down, but she has managed to break free and find space to spread her wings again. this is such a lovely, victorious card, recognizing what we've had to fight through to find progress. and this absolutely feels like my current intentions - i just want to escape this darkness, want to opened my battered wings and fly out of all of this hurt and pain and fear. i feel like i've been stuck here for so very long, and i'm craving escape. i want fresh air, want room to breathe, want to feel like i'm in charge of my body and mind and soul again. everything feels so dark, but this butterfly's beautiful, colorful wings give me a bit of hope.


son-of-wandshow is this manifesting in my life, and what are my actions signaling? the son of wands is independent, single-minded, completely focused on achieving his goals. he's charming, adventurous, passionate, and completely confident in his abilities. he knows that the path he's following is the correct one, and he's sure that his plan will work - no obstacles in sight, no challenges he can't face, no storm he can't weather. who needs a backup plan when you already know you're capable of facing anything?

his confidence is staggering, and certainly doesn't reflect how i feel right now. but that focus on doing one thing well, on following a path to the very end, on putting all of my energy into one task? that i relate to. tarot has become something so important to my days, and even when i don't have the energy to write or the strength the share my readings, pulling a card or two and spending some time in thought and meditation has become a goal for each day. i may not accomplish a single other thing, but at least i can find some time for reflection, for consideration, for challenges. it feels like if i can just listen to the cards, even for only a moment, it gives me a much-needed break from the darkness swirling in my mind.

i love that both of these cards are wands, that both cards feel independent and strong, that both cards are focused on a single purpose. i'm longing to break free of my darkness, and i'm using tarot to help me find my way out. and while both of these characters are finding their own way, and i still feel pretty lost in those tangled branches, the son of wands gives me hope that by focusing my energy on self-reflection and understanding, eventually i'm going to find a way to escape.

finding inner light

another wand. this suit has been with me all week - there are clearly some lessons to glean here: inspiration into action, passionate creativity, the power of important challenges. today's card is a beautifully empowering one: the seven of wands. IMG_0309

a bright flame stands alone, illuminating the darkness all around. the other wands are piled in the corners, leaning against walls, seemingly exhausted or cast aside. the others have succumbed to the darkness, but our bold seven stands up straight, on her own power. that brilliant flame is the only color here, and is not merely a spark but a full, beautiful light.

sevens are focused on personal attainment, achieving a goal, and providing some practical advice. and with so many wands in my recent readings, it's impossible not to feel that my cards are pushing me to find that inner strength, to seek that fiery confidence of the seven of wands. she's bold, powerful, and solitary - proud of her inner strength, unafraid to be an individual, following her heart and spirit to be as brilliant as she can. there's so much encouragement in this card, a real "take no shit" attitude that i love. shine on, little wand.

this can be easier said that done. it's not always easy to be brave, to be proud, to stand tall and alone. embracing our inner weird, not shying away from what makes us individuals, and having the confidence to burn alone can be a terrifying prospect. but whatever it means, for you reading and for me writing, finding that inner light can be essential to keep going. i keep writing about this darkness i'm trapped in, and this beautiful card reminds me to trust my inner fire, to let that little spark guide me through my day.

seven again

i've been taking a bit of a break from tarot, unplanned but perhaps subconsciously. i've been so drained, so exhausted, and it felt like drawing cards was just spinning my wheels. sometimes it can be helpful to have feelings and thoughts mirrored in the cards, a kind of validation - but the last week or two i haven't found it helpful. i've missed my daily ritual, but i think it's been good for me to step back a little and reflect on what i'm really seeking from these daily draws. we've officially signed a lease, and are moving on monday. this very long-awaited change is finally happening, and all of those to-do lists i've been writing can finally be put into action - and i'm exhausted. time to gather all the courage and strength i have left. today's daily pull is the seven of wands.IMG_0309

i love getting new cards that i haven't worked with before, especially when they seem to say exactly what i need to hear. sevens are all about evaluating where you're at and making adjustments to meet your goal - they're cards of choice, a kind of "temporary perfection" as one forum reader put it. we feel that we could be done, that we've achieved our goal, but sevens can show us that we actually have farther to go. we need to rally, gather our strength, and carve out a path to the end.

the seven of wands can traditionally be interpreted as preparing for a battle, someone pushing themselves to overcome difficulty or challenges, to gain the upper hand. while i'm hardly preparing for a fight, i am struggling to overcome this depressed haze i've been in for the past few weeks. not full out depression, mind you, just a kind of fog that i can't get out of. this beautiful image of a single wand illuminating the darkness, finding their inner spark, unafraid to shine light boldly, really inspires me. that quick burst of fire is so necessary, pushing forward, finding adrenaline, bursting forth with energy and passion. but it's so easy to burn out, to expend energy too quickly, and this card can also caution me to watch my energy and make sure i have enough to complete my goals.