full moon in aquarius

we’re still in dazzling, fiery leo season, bursting with inspiration and adventure - but with so much planetary movement, eclipses, and shifts over the last month or two, this has been a summer of deep transformation and powerful manifestation. there’s a lot to process, to feel, to consider, and today’s full moon in aquarius may feel a bit more intense than usual.

with so many transitions and planetary transits over the last few months, it may feel that foundations are breaking apart, that knowledge is being challenged, that ideas and truths that felt stable are suddenly slipping away. and while this can be frightening, frustrating, or agitating, transformations make space for evolution, growth, and empowerment. leo season has been all about challenging what we thought we knew, finding the confidence and courage to embrace change, and owning our strength and personal magic.

full moon in aquarius.jpeg

leo and aquarius are opposites - one hot and fiery, passionate and present, while the other is cool and detached, observant and forward-thinking. both tend to think the best of things, leo finding joy in their personal confidence and courage with aquarius believing the best in others and seeing the possibilities in society at large. and while these signs may not seem completely at ease with each other, especially in light of today’s full moon, this phase invites self-examination, consideration, and celebration. we can find the best parts of ourselves, consider how we can best contribute to collaborate arts and efforts, and honor our victories while also seeing potential areas for improvement. today’s full moon invites collaboration and decisions based around the collective, rather than leo’s focus on the individual, and may force us to spend time with desires or ideas that make us a bit uncomfortable.

i wrote this simple spread as a chance to explore where our focus should be, as well as taking this opportunity to both celebrate and make room for growth. in spite of potential discomfort and growing pains during these long, transformative months, aquarius reminds us to consider the big picture, to dream of a better future, and to invest in personal growth and exploration. with virgo season beginning next week, this is a perfect chance to begin the process of reflection and introspection that the hermit will soon usher in.


what to focus on: the hanged man. i’ve been seeing so many cards of surrender, release, and patience in the last few weeks, from strength to hecate to the seven of swords. all of these cards keep bringing the same message - i have to let go of expectation, prepare for whatever comes next, and abandon any illusion of control. i’ve been trying so hard to be patient as i continue waiting to see what comes next for me, working to stay calm and not push and practice wisdom, but i’m starting to get frustrated with my lack of progress. and while leo’s fire may be consumed with inspiration and passion, aquarius makes a lot of space for the bigger picture, evolution, and a more holistic view of the world. by embracing the water bringer’s expansive perspective, i may be able to find it easier to surrender to this moment, to find richer lessons in the in the in-between.

what to celebrate: death. coming right after the hanged man both in the major arcana and this spread, my beloved scorpio card asks me to accept something coming to a natural end, and to celebrate the freedom and release that this can so often bring. the hanged man and death both can speak to discomfort in different ways, but giving in to greater powers and allowing fate to guide us forward can often be a relief. this kind of permanent conclusion can sometimes catch us by surprise, but after so many weeks of the same messages to wait and yield and relinquish power, i’m in a space to celebrate this shift and anticipate the ways this change will create new space.

what to shift: the chariot. rounding out this intense trio, the chariot is an archetype of momentum, determination, and focus - and while this powerful movement and drive can be inspirational and powerful in the right moments, right now it’s the kind of energy i need to release. this is a time to stay in this space of capitulation and sacrifice, to embrace the lessons of the hanged man and death, and to resist my urges to push forward. i need to be content to sit in stillness for a time, and see what internal wisdom and magic manifest during this upcoming transformation.


i’ve been having a tough week, and asked the cards for clear messages - and with three major arcana cards, i’d say the moonchild tarot delivered. and while i’ve been hoping that this lengthy time in the in-between was coming to an end, the cards indicate that i may still have more to surrender. a crossroads is approaching, and i can’t rush my way through it - instead, i need to seek stillness, be aware of the bigger picture, and prepare for further evolution.

how are you honoring today’s full moon in aquarius? are your cards equally intense? if you use my spread, please tag me - i’d love to see your cards and interpretations. have a beautiful moon celebration!


full moon in capricorn & lunar eclipse

with this year’s cancer season feeling especially intense, adding multiple eclipses and mercury retrograde has made the last few weeks heavy, sensitive, and emotional. i’m wrestling through choices and possibilities, thinking through my broader goals and personal ambitions, and it feels like a lot. and yet today’s full moon in capricorn gives us a much-needed reprieve from so much water, bringing in grounded, ambitious, focused earth to help us find our way into fiery leo season.

summer solstice spread.png

eclipses make everything more intense, more amplified, more powerful - but they can also feel a bit chaotic, shifting energy in a way that feels unexpected even when we know it’s coming. the new moon a few weeks ago was also anchored by an eclipse, making this moon cycle a particularly potent and powerful one. and as we prepare to move from cancer’s cardinal water into leo’s fixed fire next week, we have a chance to transform, releasing any lingering fear or doubt or frustration and instead finding movement, joy, and adventure. and while my cards from earlier this month encouraged me to dive deep internally, and to let my inner magic guide my outer passions, today’s full moon is more centered on what i can release.


what is this full moon asking me to celebrate? three of cups. while reflection and inner wisdom feel like intensely personal, private explorations, i’m still finding new and powerful ways to connect to the people i care about. i’m taking more risks, allowing people to see more of my vulnerabilities and emotions, and it’s allowing me to build richer connections. the chosen family that i’ve found within tarot and the queer community is one that is strengthening and uplifting me, encouraging me to be my true self and celebrate who i am. this full moon asks me to honor that work, and to enjoy the relationships i’ve found.

what is this eclipse asking me to release? the fountain. release the illusion of control, the need to explain or understand or rationalize everything, and instead allow some situations or connections or conflicts to just be. i’m someone that loves to find meaning in things, to tell stories and explore narratives and connect events and people and emotions in tangled, messy, beautiful ways - but sometimes that can get in the way of simply allowing magic to happen, and enjoying the sensation of being small in a vast, mysterious world. this full moon encourages me to release the expectation that i will see it all, and instead to enjoy not knowing.

where can i be more open or willing to explore? the hierophant. a card that came up just a few days ago, this archetype explores the connections between the physical and spiritual, the knowledge of greater powers, the connections to past, present, and future. i’ve been wrestling with this for years, working to understand my conservative religious upbringing and my current use of tarot and spells, but there’s endless trails to follow and paths to discover. this is an important piece of my history, and an essential aspect to keep exploring.

where could i use more structure or purpose? ace of cups. emotions and intuition are things i rarely allow much structure, but letting new journeys or connections follow more specific boundaries or guidelines could help me protect myself in important ways. rather than throwing myself into any new relationship, drowning in sensitive feelings, or pushing past spiritual discoveries, it may help me to create more structure in these explorations. my emotions and responses aren’t random, and finding the patterns that my heart constantly follows could allow me more control over how i respond and act in certain situations.

how does this connect to my progress so far this year? five of cups. it’s been an intensely challenging year, with multiple deaths in the family, several cross-country moves, and shifting career and relationship expectations. i have absolutely experienced loss, and haven’t always had the necessarily time to grieve and reflect on this pain before having to move into the next phase. and yet, there are still cups that are whole and filled, waiting patiently for attention - and i know that i still have people that care about me, creativity to share, ambitions to pursue.


the cards are spot on, urging me to stay connected with my community while exploring richer spiritual and emotional paths within, and honoring how much i’ve been through this year. healing is rarely linear, and this is a time for quiet rest, compassion for the self, and finding hope for the future. i can celebrate my progress while also respecting the challenges of my journey.

have a beautiful full moon, and remember to take plenty of space and rest today - these are intense and difficult energies to move through. and if you use my spread, please feel free to tag me so that i can see your readings!

full moon in sagittarius

as we come to the end of energetic, creative gemini season and begin to move into the time of sensitive, emotional cancer, this moon in sagittarius inspires high energy, exploration, and movement. and yet full moons often ask us to be still and reflect, to honor how far we’ve come, to consider where we’re going. this is not a moon for intense work or forward motion, but instead a chance to assess the personal truths we’re carrying, the movement we’ve made, and the ideas we are ready to leave behind.

full moon in sagittarius updated spread.png

i draw single cards for my patrons during every new and full moon, and this cycle began with the empress - a beautiful card of creation, transitions, honoring the process. she is all about raw magic, putting ideas into the world and seeing how they look once they are made manifest. there’s no need for perfection, but rather the empress offers a chance to play, to celebrate the process, to honor where we are. when we are able to create without expectation, we can find so much unexpected beauty and inspiration, and build new starts that we can continue in the future.

we’ve had some intense moon phases lately, and this one felt like a lot of mixed energy - gemini and sagittarius begging for movement and active work, cancer wanting dreamy introspection and self-care, and the moon phase itself craving quiet celebration and deep release. i created a simple spread for this full moon, hoping for insight into this particular cycle as well as advice on what to bring forward and what to leave behind.


where is this full moon inviting celebration? the sun: celebration itself, bringing truths into the light, honoring a childlike spirit of joy and the community that surrounds me. after returning from a-camp and processing a lot of emotions and experiences, i still feel a sense of hope. this camp wasn’t easy, especially after multiple deaths in the family and a second cross-country move this year, but i’m finding such joy in being back home, in reconnecting with my friends, in envisioning my possible futures. this full moon asks me to dance in sunlight and fire, to honor where i am, and to rejoice with those that care for me.

where might i be overdoing it? the lovers: balance, freedom, partnership. i may be relying too much on others for assurance that i’m doing the right thing, encouragement about my work and choices, support for my needs and desires. having chosen family, rich friendships, and a supportive life partner are all wonderful, powerful things, but i also need to be able to rely on myself, to find balance within, and to move with purpose and steadiness. i think of myself as strong and independent, but am often very unsure of my path, or doubt my choices. i need to leave some of that uncertainty behind and be willing to take chances alone, to stand behind my work and put myself out there in new ways.

how can i channel this passionate, exploratory energy? the hierophant: ritual, magic, spirituality, history. i need to spend more time considering how i harness and utilize my own personal magic, to understand my connections between physical and spiritual, to respect my history and see how it shapes my future. this card can so often represent structure and power, feel like boundaries or restrictions, and yet when i create rituals for myself and celebrate the faith that i have found as an adult, i feel more free than i ever did in organized religion. small spells, working with crystals, daily tarot readings, and feeling peace when i spend time in nature - this faith looks so different than what i was raised in, but it feeds my spirit and encourages me constantly.

what impact will this moon have on my future? the hanged man: shifting perspectives, surrender, intention. with so much intensity in the previous cards, this full moon will alter the way i see my future, and could usher in some powerful and essential transitions. i have a very particular narrative around my past, my personality, and my trauma, and while these cards invite celebration in community and taking control over who i am becoming, they also ask me to do a lot of heavy, internal work and processing. when we dig deep and take an honest look at our shadows, it’s not unusual to make unexpected discoveries that alter the way we see ourselves or our path. the hanged man asks us to breathe in the moment, surrender to our inner self, and be willing to let go of expectation until a situation changes.


four major arcana cards in a spread is a lot, and means i have much to work through and work out this full moon. and while it can be intimidating to see this many majors in a full moon spread, i know that i’m working through a lot internally, processing and shifting, dreaming and creating. even though full moons so often ask us to release and celebrate, honoring the height of a cycle, what i see in these cards is just a beginning. and with the hanged man on the end, signaling an oncoming shift in perspective, i feel release and surrender just around the corner.

how is this full moon feeling for you? are you enjoying celebration, or anticipating a letting go? if you use the spread above, please tag me or let me know how it went in the comments. happy full moon!

full moon in pisces

i'm not always very good about doing spreads to follow the moon cycles, but it's something i would really like to connect with more regularly. i even bought a workbook to follow along with cycles this year, but i drifted out of practice, forgetting to use it. but today feels like the right time for a full moon in pisces spread, and i immediately responded to this one created by the.word.witch on instagram.


the bed: what needs rest. four of wands. this is typically a card of celebration, joy, a milestone within a larger project. perhaps i've spent too much time and energy being pleased with how far i've come, and now it's time to refocus on what's ahead rather than behind. i think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be pleased with where we are, and don't always give ourselves the space to open, to look further.

the pillows: how to surrender. six of swords. a new beginning is here, but it requires me to leave something old behind. right now i'm in a very transitional place, leaving my freelancing life behind to embrace a new, high pressure career. there's some mourning happening for the freedom i've lost, as well as a feeling of surrender to what i've gained. the waters are calm, and what's ahead is beautiful, but i have to let it happen and enjoy the journey.

the dream: how to receive what wants to come through. eight of swords. it feels now that i'm trapped in this new place, that i've made choices that have led me somewhere i cannot escape. but instead of seeing this new job and my decisions as a closed room, i instead need to recognize the many options that are now in front of me. i'm only trapped in my own mind - i need to open myself to the potential and possibilities that already exist.

the dark: what scares you but you do not need to fear. seven of cups. i don't like being confused or unsure about what to do next - i feel more secure when i have control, when my path is clear, when the choice is obvious. but having many wonderful options in front of me doesn't have to be something i fear.

the dawn: how to trust that you are on the right path. ace of swords. this sword is full of power, illumination, truth. its brilliant light reveals the true path forward, my honest wants and needs. it can sometimes be difficult to see clearly, but the ace is a reminder that i already know what to do - i just have to trust in myself and my intuition.

the day: how to carry the dream into the reality of day. ace of cups. so much of the spread is about being open to possibility, being able to acknowledge potential and receive joy, and the ace of cups in some ways is the truest form of that message. for me to be able to fully understand my own dreams, to be able to carry it forward into the light of day and beyond, i have to be open to whatever comes next. unafraid to see my options, willing to examine my own dreams in truth and honesty, able to walk away from what may hurt me, willing to both work past the joy of current success and not get lost in the darkness of what could be ahead - the full spread is captured in the ace of cups.


i've been seeing a lot of wands lately, but now i need to put the fire away - this is the time for my head and my heart to come together.


early this morning, the moon was an intense combination of magical happenings: supermoon, blue moon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse, all at once. as a leo moon and a scorpio sun (and gemini rising, if you're curious), i knew this combination would hit me particularly hard. i've been feeling lots of creative energy, but have also been oddly drained and irritable. today's spread calls back to august's eclipse spread, answering questions and beginning new journeys. in many ways, this eclipse is the end of a cycle, wrapping up what the first one opened. a lot of the issues that popped up for me last summer are absolutely reflected here, which feels like it confirms a lot of my struggles from several months ago.

1. personal power: where is my power during this full moon?

IMG_0324seven of pentacles, a card that also appeared in my last eclipse spread. this is a card of stepping back, taking responsibility, evaluating progress, and making a plan for the future. not the sexiest card in the deck, but taking time to take stock of where i am and where i want to go will help me achieve my goals in a way that's real.

lately i've been beginning some new creative and physical projects - a tarot writing and photography series that's challenging the way i approach the cards, and my first full marathon in november (on my 33rd birthday, no less). but the way i've approached both projects is radically different - i already have most of my marathon training plan complete, including long races, training groups, running tools, and trips that will keep me motivated. but with my creative projects, i've done almost no planning, and have been frustrated with my lack of progress.

it's fun to think of creative projects as just bursting forth: someone typing frantically, painting wildly, music pouring out of them, as if art just manifests itself and we are simply vessels to get it into the world. but in reality, creating art takes the same level of patience, planning, and persistence as anything else. if i really want this project to develop into something meaningful and complete, i need to step back and make a real plan for how to achieve it - and now seems like the perfect time to start.

2. drop the drama: what belief, relationship, or habit no longer serves me?IMG_0304

two of wands, a card of power, excitement, and collaboration. the spark is there, and now we're taking the next steps to plan, sharing our passion with others, feeling a connection and motivation to continue.

receiving positive feedback and support from others is incredible, and knowing that someone believes in your vision and your abilities can really bolster confidence. it's a beautiful thing to share your heart and soul with someone, and receive love back. but seeking approval too much can stop everything in its tracks, and keep us from pushing forward with a vision we truly believe in.

my creative project may still be taking shape, but i need to believe in it enough to move forward, even if no one is there on the side, cheering me on. i can't keep relying on others to give me the passion and motivation that i need - i have to find that within myself. i have to believe that my voice, my vision, my creative abilities, are strong and unique enough to be worth the effort it takes to build something beautiful.

3. take a risk: what area of my life could benefit from a risk taken?

ace-of-swordsace of swords, representing a flash of truth, the potential for something real, a fresh start. swords are often connected to writing, as a sharp mind is needed to put together words in just the right way. i can't help but feel that this card is continuing the message from the first two in the spread, urging me to seek honesty and take risks in this creative project.

air is a difficult element for me, as my mind can be a dark and challenging place. those flashes of lightning don't always illuminate truths i want to see, or am able to grapple with. but perhaps my creative project and my tarot work will continue to blossom if i can push myself farther, seek those difficult realities, and not be so afraid to delve inside my mind. i know that i'm capable of completing this writing project, but i have to believe that my own truth is worth exploring and sharing.

4. be creative: how am i being challenged to be creative and think outside the box? IMG_0298

the daughter of swords is intelligent, cunning, observant, cautious, wise, fair, loyal, honest, and can be a bit of a buzzkill. she doesn't miss anything, even when you want her to. when i pull this card, i see the part of myself that is critical but truthful, that cuts to the heart of the matter and calls out the shit we were hoping nobody would acknowledge.

how can this analytical, cynical voice help in my creativity? i need to take a hard look at my project, see where it doesn't make sense, and keep pushing myself to do better. i know where ideas are weak, where i've been lazy, where things don't really match up. by bringing a critical eye to my work, i can make it better, challenge myself, and create something that will really resonate. there is a path forward, and it's time to stop living in my fear and doubts and instead figure out a way to make progress.

5. my needs: where am i seeking validation in my  life?

eight-of-swordseight of swords, a card of fear, paralysis, and a feeling of being trapped. the dangers aren't necessarily real, but it feels that there is no way forward, that we are surrounded on all sides by that which hurts us the most.

i'm trying to be more comfortable with being alone, with not sharing myself, with keeping things close and hidden. it's not fair to others to share how dark things can be for me - i need to handle my shadows alone, and not burden others with my struggles. but it's scary to go it alone, to not let anyone in. and while i know that staying this private probably isn't permanently sustainable, it feels like the only possible answer right now. i know it may be damaging to me, but i can't seem to help it - i don't trust anyone to really hear me anymore.

i have some opportunities that will help me meet new people, and there's always the chance that there's someone (or several someones) out there that could handle my darkness, could really understand me, would be willing to stay even when things get scary. but rather than reaching for possibilities, i'm retreating in fear. i need validation that i'm not alone, that i'm not impossible to understand, that i'm not too dark for friends, but i'm not sure i'm brave enough to find it.


no cups but three swords - it's time to stop letting my emotions dictate everything, and be more methodical. i need to get real with my creative ambitions or they won't go anywhere: make a plan, stop looking outside of myself for encouragement, channel that inner spark into an exploration of truth and realness, and perhaps begin to consider the possibility that i don't have to be so isolated.