deck interview: lumina tarot

starting with a new deck is so exciting. i received the lumina tarot last week, and have been hanging on to it in anticipation, waiting for a day that i had the time for beth's deck interview spreadIMG_3305.jpg this deck is absolutely stunning, with vivid color, graphic images, and bold interpretations. i see both light and shadow in this deck, and it immediately felt right in my hands. i feel that my decks connect to various elements, and reach each accordingly - the only element i'm missing is fire, and i'm hopeful that this deck will speak to my passion, energy, and soul.

IMG_3309what is your most important characteristic? the king of pentacles: fulfillment, satisfaction, stability, practicality. a job well done, a creative endeavor completed, goals reached, tasks finished. this king represents wisdom, generosity, and calm determination. for me, this deck will be steady and firm, offer practical advice, and guide me towards achieving my goals and dreams.

what are your strengths as a deck? the eight of pentacles, a card of hard work, focus, skill, and dedication. inspiration and motivation abound. this card really speaks to craftsmanship, which makes me think that this deck excels at guiding me to further knowledge of tarot. it will challenge my interpretations, help me gain more skill in readings, and open my eyes to the cards in new ways.

IMG_3311what are your limits as a deck? the hanged man: new perspectives, shifting attitudes, being stuck or stagnant, surrender. this card invites us to consider ideas in alternative ways, release something, and learn to accept what we cannot control or change. the lumina tarot may be limited in terms of its perspective, or i may be challenged by its lessons, but it will ultimately help me to grow and understand its wisdom.

what are you here to teach me? the maiden of cups, one of my favorite cards. she's vibrant, sensitive, curious, creative, and is guided by a deep respect for her intuition. she understands that her emotions are her strength, and finds inspiration all around and within her. this deck will teach me to be open, to explore my intuition, and to continue learning to understand my emotions and creative abilities.

IMG_3313how can I best learn and collaborate with you? the ten of cups is a card of completion, happiness, love, and fulfillment. this card is an amazing outcome card, but in this position it speaks to being open to love and community, staying connected the world and relationships around us, and trusting our emotions and instincts. i'll learn best with this deck if i let my intuition guide me, step fully into my own power, and stay open to learning and growing.

what is the potential outcome of our working relationship? the seven of wands, a card of fire, energy, activism, and inner light. this card is a reminder that i am a strong, powerful individual, that my differences make me great, that i should trust in my own spark and follow the light i'm creating. the potential outcome of working with this deck is finding renewed confidence, building a strong sense of self, and holding on to courage and conviction. working with this deck will help me find creativity, inner power, and the strength to go forward, even if that means i go it alone. it's exactly the fiery, passionate, soulful energy i was looking for in this deck, and is an amazing card in this position.

i'm so excited to begin working with this deck regularly, getting to understand its ways and wisdom, and being challenged to expand my understanding of tarot. thank you to inner hue for putting this gorgeous deck together, and to everyday magic for stocking it in the US - i can't wait to get to know it better!


keep your head down

today's card is all about focus, determination, craftsmanship, and innovation: the eight of pentacles. eight-of-pentacles

confident and skilled, the spider is constantly pushing herself to create new, intricate webs, never giving up. if a web is broken or damaged, she fixes it. if it's destroyed beyond repair, she creates a new one, that's stronger and more beautiful than the one before it. she is constantly honing her skills, seeking mastery of her craft. detail-oriented, determined, focused, and devoted, she is constantly challenging herself to do better.

this card is all about balance and devotion, understanding that hard work and drive can achieve so much. there can be joy in every stage of a process, learning to embrace every single aspect of a project or craft. and while there's always plenty of things to distract us, sometimes the best thing we can do is keep our heads down, stay focused, and put all of our energy into making something strong and beautiful.

this is a challenging card for me today, as i have a quiet work week planned. my to-do list is completely finished, every task that's been wiggling in the back of my head completed - all that's left is writing difficult letters to my family, which i've been putting off for weeks now. pentacles are so connected to the earth and possessions for me, all about stability, material things, wealth and careers and property. but eights are goal-oriented, all about achievement, getting things done.

son-of-wandsmy clarifying card is the son of wands, a card that's been popping up a lot lately. this son has no fear, no self-doubt, but pushes forward with confidence and strength and passion. i don't want to force the cards or miss something, but this feels like it could speak to my still-unwritten letters. after all, finishing coming out during pride month was the goal that i set for myself, and while i've taken the first step i have stumbled over the others. the son has such purpose, such fire, and he and his mother have appeared so many times this month. it feels like the court of wands is pushing me to push myself, to finish the journey i started years ago.

yes, it's scary. i might destroy the fragile webs i've been building all these years, damaging relationships that are so important to me. but if i can keep my head down, focus on the task at hand, use the skills and intuition and empathy that i've been developing - perhaps i can build something even stronger.

balance & blockages

some days it's hard to find the time for tarot - i strive to do daily readings but it's not always simple to find a quiet pocket of time to draw a card, meditate and ponder its meaning, and spend a few minutes writing and reflecting on how it can advise me on my day. but other days, like today, i seem to have endless time stretching before me, and my daily card challenges me to keep questioning and working through it. today's card is the two of swords. two-of-swords

this is a card that i always seem to struggle with, which is both ironic and fascinating. the card itself in traditional interpretations means blockage, stalemate, stalled progress. the swords represent two opposing forces, their energy high but forcing each other to stay in their position. the eclipse in the center beautifully illustrates shadows and confusion, the moon blocking the light of the sun, allowing us to look directly at it but making it hard to comprehend what our vision tells us.

however, when i draw this card my instincts tell me something else. i always seem to see balance, symmetry, equal forces, and steely focus. the swords may be crossed, they may be pushing against each other, but even with the stunning eclipse in the background they are single-minded in their attention and efforts.

i was delighted to read that beth sees a similar duality - and the samples of the two of swords in other decks seem to offer a variety of interpretations. whether its a willful pushing away of realities to focus on a single issue or decision, or a naive avoidance of a problem, there is both strength and withdrawal in this card. sometimes we have to push daily distractions out of our mind and put all of our energy towards preparing, making a strong decision, steading ourselves. but denial is a strong instinct, and it can be easy to mistake steady focus with putting our heads in the sand about real issues, and ignoring challenges that won't go away until they're dealt with. (if you're out there reading this, i'd love to hear your interpretations and personal intuitions about this card in the comments!)

wanting more on what i may be blocking or ignoring (whether intentionally or not), i pulled a clarification card and was rewarded with an old friend: the eight of pentacles.


like the ten of wands or the ace of swords, this is a card that comes up a lot for me in both daily readings and larger spreads. the spider is steady, calm, and always working - she isn't distracted by what's around her but instead is hyper-focused on her craft and her mission, and weaves intricate, beautiful webs as often as possible. this card reminds us that hard work and perseverance are what bring us closer to our goals. for me it also represents getting out there and pushing myself to continue to improve my photography, whether by seeking new clients or creating personal projects that push me outside my comfort zone and help me develop my artistic style and professional skills.

centering the two of swords around my professional work makes this daily reading much more clear. while i love what i do, things seem to be slowing down or stalling out these days - my regular clients, while consistently providing work, seem to be slowing down this week. i haven't shot anything new in a few months. and i haven't been pushing myself to experiment with my camera, read about new equipment or techniques, or creating recipes or projects for myself to develop my portfolio. i've let myself be distracted by the myriad of other things in my life - and while these things are important, i should put my focus back into my work for a bit.

in light of this daily reading (and given my very slow work week ahead), i'd like to do an additional spread focused on developing my career. more on the way...