strength in stillness

today's card is one of my favorites: the four of swords. four-of-swordspeaceful and strong, the lamb is confident in the power and clarity of her third eye. she's aware of the swords hanging overhead, but she still smiles in the face of the unknown, allowing herself some much-needed rest. as the guidebook says, she sits in stillness and without fear. fours can represent stability and balance, so combined with the strong air energy and mental power of the swords, this card is all about quiet, rest, and finding space. it can remind us to set gentle boundaries, to protect ourselves, to seek tranquility and self-care practices that gives us peace and strength.

it's absolutely possible to find moments of peaceful retreat while under pressure, and it's an important skill to develop. not everything can be done by sprinting or pushing hard - sometimes we have to pause, to breathe, and give ourselves some time to rest and evaluate our progress before we can continue facing those swords again. knowing how to set those boundaries, both for others and for ourselves, is essential for healing and self-care. i'm not very good at creating those gentle barriers, but i relish the quiet times when i can find them. and with so much going on lately, both professionally and socially and mentally and emotionally, i've been craving some still moments for myself.

perhaps some time of meditation and solitude will help keep those swords overhead at bay for a little while longer.

let's the cut the bullshit

the news is distracting today. i'm not sure why - every single morning, checking social media and reading through whatever fresh horrors this administration has unleashed is always difficult and distracting. but today i feel unfocused, confused, and completely fuzzy. even shuffling the cards was a struggle. perhaps this morning's daily reading is trying to give me a simple directive today: simply, pull the emotion out of it and focus on what's true. today's card is the father of swords. father-of-swords

fair, analytical, responsible, perceptive, careful, deliberate, thoughtful, intelligent, decisive. this king cuts to the heart of the matter, sees through complex issues, lives in absolutes. he can release himself from strong emotions, allowing him to consider the facts in a clear, considerate manner, and come to the conclusion that is true and just.

i, on the other hand, seem to be drowning in a sea of emotion, constantly pushed back and forth by indecision, confusion, and utter exhaustion. i'm not working through any major decisions, there's nothing looming on my horizon or demanding a serious choice - i'm simply trying to get through the days with my sanity intact.

perhaps this is simply acting as a card of assurance - we may have men in power right now that embody none of these characteristics. our president and his cabinet are rash, power-hungry, self-serving, greedy, short-sighted individuals who care nothing for truth, justice, compassion, or any of the citizens of our country. this clarity of mind, sound judgement, and decisive ability to cut through bullshit that i see in the father of swords is energy that is sorely needed in the white house at this moment.

and while we may not have a man in power that we can respect, i take courage from the strong leaders emerging in our communities, that aren't afraid to stand up for what they know is right. we cannot let this administration continue to twist the truth with their "alternative facts" and unwillingness to acknowledge the reality of the world we live in - we must be stronger, and better, and more resilient. i have to be stronger, and better, and more resilient. 

there's no room for fear, not now. we have to continue pushing back, protesting, writing letters, calling, and protecting each other.