full moon in pisces

i'm not always very good about doing spreads to follow the moon cycles, but it's something i would really like to connect with more regularly. i even bought a workbook to follow along with cycles this year, but i drifted out of practice, forgetting to use it. but today feels like the right time for a full moon in pisces spread, and i immediately responded to this one created by the.word.witch on instagram.


the bed: what needs rest. four of wands. this is typically a card of celebration, joy, a milestone within a larger project. perhaps i've spent too much time and energy being pleased with how far i've come, and now it's time to refocus on what's ahead rather than behind. i think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be pleased with where we are, and don't always give ourselves the space to open, to look further.

the pillows: how to surrender. six of swords. a new beginning is here, but it requires me to leave something old behind. right now i'm in a very transitional place, leaving my freelancing life behind to embrace a new, high pressure career. there's some mourning happening for the freedom i've lost, as well as a feeling of surrender to what i've gained. the waters are calm, and what's ahead is beautiful, but i have to let it happen and enjoy the journey.

the dream: how to receive what wants to come through. eight of swords. it feels now that i'm trapped in this new place, that i've made choices that have led me somewhere i cannot escape. but instead of seeing this new job and my decisions as a closed room, i instead need to recognize the many options that are now in front of me. i'm only trapped in my own mind - i need to open myself to the potential and possibilities that already exist.

the dark: what scares you but you do not need to fear. seven of cups. i don't like being confused or unsure about what to do next - i feel more secure when i have control, when my path is clear, when the choice is obvious. but having many wonderful options in front of me doesn't have to be something i fear.

the dawn: how to trust that you are on the right path. ace of swords. this sword is full of power, illumination, truth. its brilliant light reveals the true path forward, my honest wants and needs. it can sometimes be difficult to see clearly, but the ace is a reminder that i already know what to do - i just have to trust in myself and my intuition.

the day: how to carry the dream into the reality of day. ace of cups. so much of the spread is about being open to possibility, being able to acknowledge potential and receive joy, and the ace of cups in some ways is the truest form of that message. for me to be able to fully understand my own dreams, to be able to carry it forward into the light of day and beyond, i have to be open to whatever comes next. unafraid to see my options, willing to examine my own dreams in truth and honesty, able to walk away from what may hurt me, willing to both work past the joy of current success and not get lost in the darkness of what could be ahead - the full spread is captured in the ace of cups.


i've been seeing a lot of wands lately, but now i need to put the fire away - this is the time for my head and my heart to come together.

that overflowing cup

after so many intense cards - the moon, the devil, three tens in a row - it feels extremely calming and empowering to receive an ace today in my daily reading. all those end-of-cycle cards, signaling burnout and struggles and difficulties, are in the past, and in front of me is a lovely new beginning. and as a scorpio, a water sign, someone that deeply identifies with emotion and passion and intuition, it's especially sweet that today's card is the ace of cups. ace-of-cups

i love aces. they just brim with possibility, the start of a fresh journey, a new opportunity on the horizon. looking at that beautiful cup, the golden glow around it, the varying shades of blue surrounding it: this card just oozes tranquility. and while cups don't simply represent positive feelings but the full emotional spectrum, all the love and joy and kindness and fulfillment alongside the sadness and grief and anger and loneliness and disappointment that come with being human - this ace speaks to love and friendship, to spiritual awakenings, to a new chapter that's marked by health and pleasure.

one aspect that speaks to me especially is the idea of an open heart, and allowing the emotions that develop to have the freedom and space to move and evolve and exist. i think that it's so easy for us as modern people to fight our emotions, to try to put them into neat little labeled boxes or to push them aside and pretend they don't exist. tears and anger and fear have somehow become synonymous with weakness, as if having strong emotions somehow makes us less capable of being strong people. feelings can be messy, and complicated, and can be so overwhelming at times that it's hard to see past them.

but giving ourselves permission to experience the full range of emotions, without censoring or rationalizing or blocking or apologizing, can be such a powerful thing. surrendering to relationships or creativity or spirituality or whatever is beckoning can be a game-changer, and open us up to so many new possibilities and experiences. after so many dark, difficult, mysterious cards, it's a joy to move into a new phase, and look to a new period of bright opportunity.