planetary shifts on august 11

i’m not a trained astrologer, but i find the ways that planets move and impact us deeply fascinating - and august 11th brings a variety of planetary movements and shifts that will have a major impact on energy, potential, and inspiration, providing fresh insights and new possibilities. the lion’s gate portal will still be open until the 12th, offering waves of abundance and joy, and tomorrow jupiter goes direct in sagittarius, making our dreams more clear, and ushering in joy and freedom. additionally, uranus will station retrograde in taurus, revealing ways we may need to shift or grow in order to bring necessary change, and mercury enters leo, boosting self-confidence, powerful expression, and joyful movement. all in all, this is a massive energy shift, bringing positivity, opportunities, and clearing pathways forward. these transits offer us a chance to make adjustments, to invite in growth and change, and to clarify our goals and dreams so that we can pursue them in a more direct way. and with so much potential, a spread seemed like a great way to explore possibility, and to recognize abundance.

summer solstice spread.png

i don’t normally write spreads for transits like this, since it’s outside my wheelhouse, but tomorrow’s shifts seemed too significant to not explore more deeply. and i find that even when i don’t completely understand all of the nuances of something, tarot still finds ways to teach me, to offer perspectives for growth and understanding that allow me to dive deeper and make necessary meaning. after such an intense and transformative july, i’m eager to see what the next few months will bring, and how i can seek joy, confidence, and magic in an intentional and powerful way.


how can i invite abundance? strength. the birth card of leo, our current season, and a card of maturity, grace, wisdom, and patience. this card reminds us of our wildness and our inner power, while also urging us to wait for the right timing, to not push, to demonstrate control and shrewdness in all things. and while all of this fiery energy has the potential to burn down everything in its path, it asks us to keep a tight leash on that strength, to remember what we’ve learned, to demonstrate our power in the moments we choose to wait. i can invite abundance through patience and wisdom, letting things come to me, not pushing past limits. and by observing before acting, i increase my chances of recognizing good opportunities when they manifest, instead of clinging to possibilities that aren’t right.

where do i need to surrender control? king of cups. an emotional leader and spiritual guide, the king of cups understands the depth and power of his emotions, and doesn’t try to control how he feels within. his power is in his ability to listen, to learn from the feelings he experiences, and to trust his intuition completely. this card is connected to scorpio, my sun sign, and speaks to me of someone that is able to help others get deeper in touch with their own inner magic, to explore the depths of who they are and come into their heart’s power and strength. and yet if i keep too much held back, if i try to control too many aspects, things may fall apart completely. i need to surrender control around my feelings, to let myself experience everything, and to not fear the intensity within me.

where should i focus on growth? four of coins. i tend to have a scarcity mindset, to never feel that i’m doing enough or that i have enough. and while i try to be generous with my time and possessions, i do hold back quite a bit in certain areas, keeping resources like energy and intuition under tight wraps. growth for me in this area may not simply translate into giving more of myself away, but rather in learning to allow those skills to grow and flourish, inviting me to find powerful strength and deeper reserves of magic. and if i keep monetizing everything i love, it may shift my ability to find joy in my work. i can keep some things for me, instead of feeling guilty about everything i’m not sharing.

what will inspire me? the moon. one of my favorite cards and a constant source of inspiration, the moon will continue to be a big theme in my life. her regular shifts, everlasting phases, endless depths and mysteries will keep energizing me, showing me new ways to expand my creativity and magic. this card explores the instincts we often suppress, the dreams we may be afraid to examine, and the unknown depths of our subconscious, all of which offer so much potential for powerful inspiration.

where might this potential lead me? ace of coins. a new endeavor, the beginning of an important and substantial journey, another way to develop resources that feed my spirit and keep me thriving. i love seeing the ace of pentacles in this position, because it’s a card that literally bursts with potential, mirroring the themes of these planetary shifts and movements. potential leads to more potential, and by keeping myself open to abundance, tracing new pathways forward, exploring old themes and new inspirations, i can continue building cycles of possibility for myself.

overall, this spread gives me so much hope for the future. both strength and the moon invite me to embrace my inner magic, power, and instincts, and the king of cups chimes in to encourage me not to shy away from my wildness and intensity but instead to celebrate it. the four of coins urges me not to be afraid to share what i have, but also to keep finding joy in my work and the potential i’m creating. and the ace of coins offers so many possibilities for the future, a chance to build a beautiful new beginning.

these cards are lovely and kind, and feel exactly right for where i am. i need to see abundance where it appears, instead of hanging on to ideas or projects that aren’t manifesting. there are so many options out there, and if i stay patient and observe everything, instead of just seeing what i want to see, i’ll find the opportunities i’m craving. i need to keep trusting myself, to keep finding joy in the things i love, to keep celebrating the inspiration i’ve already found, and it will lead me somewhere beautiful.


are you doing any rituals or spreads to mark this intense energetic shift? how does this energy differ from the black moon we experienced just a few weeks ago? if you use this spread, please feel free to tag me so i can see your cards. have a beautiful day!