new moon in virgo

if the past few months have felt like absolute chaos, bouncing from retrograde to retrograde and enduring the endless upheavals and challenging eclipses of a particularly complicated leo season, then virgo season may feel like a welcome balm - a chance to slow down, regroup, and consider our next moves. this summer’s rapid movements and deep shifts have invited powerful transformation, urging us to leave behind toxic patterns, embrace our inner fire, and chase our dreams with confidence. but this isn’t always an easy process, and for those of us that gravitate towards organization and structure, virgo season is the time to plan out the core of our visions, to sift through all those intense emotions and desires and make a plan for success.


now that we’ve reached the new moon in virgo, our intention-setting can begin in earnest. this season and new cycle invite assessment, reviewing everything we’ve experienced in the last few months as well as the year overall. we have a chance to consider where we started, what we want, where we’re going, to make adjustments or changes or potentially shift our path altogether. whether you write a to-do list, make a vision board, or talk to a life coach, this is the time to reflect on what you’ve been building this year, to decide how to take all that hard work to the next level.

however, for those of us that excel at self-criticism, this can be a slippery slope. virgos can be very critical of others but set impossibly high standards for the self, and there’s a risk of perfectionism taking over and halting progress, growth, even joy in creation. we are still in the middle of the process, and that means that things can look messy, unfinished, like they may never be completed - but hopefully we haven’t forgotten all of leo’s fire and courage, haven’t already dismissed the ways that we felt when we were simply dreaming. take breaks when you need them, extend generosity or kindness to others, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

my new moon in virgo spread is short but sweet, helping us to narrow the gaze on a few focus points, resist the urge to be overly harsh, and keep the big picture in mind. and the lessons the cards gave me today were, as so often happens, exactly what i needed to hear.


where to focus: nine of pentacles. i am building opportunities for myself, working independently, and i have an opportunity with this new moon in virgo to celebrate my accomplishments and honor what i’ve done on my own. and while this card in many ways is the culmination of a long period of growth, progress, and hard work, it also speaks to pleasure, safety, comfort. i should still be focusing on everything i hope to achieve, the dreams i’ve been clarifying and organizing, but i also need to take time to celebrate everything that i’ve created. it’s important to find joy in the things we build, in dreams fulfilled.

what to grow: seven of pentacles. one of the minor arcana’s most powerful self-assessment cards, this is a chance for me to lean into self analysis, to consider ways that i can continue growing my skills, my talents, my connections. i’ve been building a foundation, working hard to learn the basics of the crafts i hope to keep pursuing, but this is a chance to level up and reach the next stage of my efforts. this card came up for me just a few days ago, urging me to stay focused, to remember what i’m working towards. there are a lot of possibilities for me, so much potential, and i need to keep refining my purpose and letting my intuition guide me.

how to be kind to yourself: two of wands. another card that often urges structure and organization, i can be kind to myself by honoring the ideas and inspiration i’ve found, but by taking the time to make real plans for how to see them through. it’s so often tempting to just dive in to the creativity, to let things flow and see what happens - but with me those ideas often crash and burn, as i run out of steam before i’ve even begun and then find myself deeply discouraged. by taking the time to let my fire build slowly, stoking the embers and clarifying my vision, i can actually put a plan in place for success. none of the things i’m working towards will happen overnight, so this is a time to choose balance, to give myself permission to move with purpose and slow, powerful intention.

the bigger picture: the sun. so much about chasing dreams is about the fulfillment, the satisfaction, the joy and wonder and magic that comes when we find ourselves doing exactly what we are meant to do. the sun is an archetype of happiness, celebration, positive energy, and in this position it tells me to keep chasing the healing and transformation that have brought me this far. this isn’t usually a card that i resonate with, being a child of the shadows and the moon, but here it feels like permission to keep chasing success, to keep pouring my energy into my visions of the future. the cards are asking me to keep clarifying what i want, to not be afraid to go after those dreams - and the sun promises that there’s joy in that pursuit.


the cards feel like they’re speaking very clearly to me this morning, telling me to keep going, keep dreaming, keep finding satisfaction in my work. and as i keep pushing in new directions, opening myself up to new possibilities and opportunities, this reading is a reminder to not move too quickly, to be patient with myself and honor all the progress i’ve made so far. even when it’s tempting to dive right in, taking some time for reflection, organization, and clarifying that vision will help me find the joy i’ve been craving.

what have you been focusing on for this new moon, and how are you taking time to process the deep shifts of this summer? does virgo season feel like a welcome relief? if you use this spread, please feel free to share and tag me - i always love seeing my spreads through other people’s eyes.

have a beautiful new moon!