new moon in taurus

i’m not formally trained as an astrologer, but working with the moon cycles - especially one as powerful and auspicious as today’s new moon in taurus - can be a beautiful way to set intentions, find our power, and dip into the magic of celestial movements.

we’re in the season of taurus, and the new moon is always about planting seeds - sitting back and reflecting on areas that we hope to see growth and change, beginning a new cycle of intentionality, purpose, and movement. while taurus is a sign and season that is best known for pleasure, comfort, and indulgence, it also knows how to work hard and focus, even getting stubborn when it cannot see a way to get where it wants to be.

growth is not always a pleasant experience. when we look at cards of change from the tarot, those moments of powerful transition or intense movement like the eight of cups, the six of swords, or death, we are often asked to release something that was once important in order to start down a new path. whether we have to sacrifice something in order to focus our energy in another area or we need to prioritize our goals, growth usually requires us to surrender something. we cannot spread ourselves too thin and still expect to make it all work, and sometimes we have to walk away from something that we know isn’t right - this is a time to prioritize so that we can harness all of this new moon’s magic into a specific goal.

just as these cards of growth are always preceded by moments of stillness, reflection, or feeling trapped, this new moon gives us the space to sit with our current path, to consider what is truly important, and to set our goals for this next chapter. the new moon in taurus is a perfect time for self-care, indulgence, and pleasure, combining comforting rituals of magic with personal intentions for the future. however you honor the beginning of this new cycle, stay focused on your larger purpose and dreams, and use this time to make the necessary space for change. chani nicholas does an excellent job of tying this in with the movements of uranus, and how this powerful new moon helps kick off shifts and transitions that will be creating growth for the next seven years. this is big magic, bringing endless potential - but we still have to do the work to make it happen.

new moon in taurus spread.png

i’ve creating a simple spread for this cycle, one that will allow us to hone in on the growth potential in our lives, approach these shifts with patience, and begin to anticipate the change that we will be building over the coming months and years. if you have a particular goal that you’re setting or performing spells around, you can pull a specific card that represents this goal before drawing the rest of the cards for the spread, using this reading to help focus your magic.

my goals for this new moon in taurus all center around the empress: creation, growth, connection, and harnessing the personal magic and power that i’ve found in the high priestess. instead of comparing myself to others or wishing i was farther along in my journey, i want to focus on empowering myself, building myself up, creating projects and a business that i’m proud of. i crave her confidence, her sensuality, her overflowing magic. i want to invite that in my own life, to manifest abundance, to turn all that raw potential into real creation.

where is this new moon inviting change? ten of swords. i need to stop seeing myself as weak, as a victim, as someone that is not capable of the kind of growth i want, and instead take back my own power. it’s time to own any mistakes, drop all of those heavy swords i’m carrying around, and start a new cycle of thought patterns and personal narratives. it can be tempting, even easy, to slip into negative self-talk or reinforce ideas that i’ve carried for too long - but if i can shake all of that off and leave those swords behind, this essential change can shift everything.

how can i move patiently into this new cycle? two of cups. connections with others can help anchor me as i invite in new growth, keeping me centered and helping me find magic within myself as well as in the community. building relationships, reaching out to those i want to work and connect with, and being intentional about spending time with friends both new and old will help keep me grounded and remind me to be patient. as well as learning from others, i can also find love and respect for myself in new ways, seeing my talents and magic through their eyes.

how can i create intentional growth? seven of wands. relying on my own powerful perspective, listening to the passions and inspiration that drive me, and not being afraid to stand alone and advocate for myself - the seven of wands is all about personal power and deep magic. i can create growth and change by believing in my goals and not being afraid to speak up, to share my work, to be proud of what i’m creating. and by communicating my vision clearly and grabbing opportunities, i can build intense momentum forward.

what impact will this new moon have on my future? the devil. this new moon could stir things up in a way that has the potential to be destructive, creating possibilities for temptation, dangerous situations, or turning my work into something negative. but it could also invite me to continue my path of liberation, leaving behind old habits that were hurting me and instead building something that helps me find my own power and magic, inviting freedom and liberation. i’ll need to be aware of balance in the coming months, not being afraid to go beyond where i’ve been but maintaining awareness of bad habits or harmful choices.


happy new moon, and please let me know if you’ve used this spread and how it worked for you!