new moon & solar eclipse in cancer

today’s new moon in cancer is accompanied by a solar eclipse in cancer, making this a particularly intense beginning for our new cycle. cancer’s cardinal water and deep connection to the moon’s constantly shifting phases can make this an emotional time, potentially shifting our emotional boundaries or inviting release. you may find yourself acknowledging secret desires or dreams, tapping into intense feelings, or recognizing a need for transition in your home life or relationships.

new moon in taurus spread.png

eclipses are too volatile for deep magic or intense rituals, but offer wonderful opportunities for reflection, attention, and setting goals. new moons always open a new cycle, encouraging growth and intention as we put energy into specific areas or projects and allow ourselves to focus on progress - and cancer is nurturing water, rich intuition, powerful sensitivity. today may feel like a lot, but focusing all of that emotion and intention in a specific direction can help us feel a bit more protected, while also preparing for the growth of the coming weeks.


what is this new moon trying to highlight or teach? the high priestess: subconscious, mystery, personal wisdom. just like cancer’s deep waters, the high priestess is connected to intuition and the moon, inviting intense personal investigation. this is a time for me to dive deep within, to acknowledge my desires and fears, to grapple with my own internal magic and consider hidden truths. this is not necessarily going to be a cycle of powerful action, but rather a chance to reflect and meditate, honoring what i carry within and considering who i want to become.

what hidden truths or emotions will this new moon reveal? page of wands: exploration, passion, adventure. i’m craving something new, something exciting, an opportunity to utilize my creativity and vision and see where my passions can take me. and while this isn’t necessarily the exact moment to jump headfirst into new or unexpected desire, my need for change will be revealed during this cycle, and opportunities for innovation and daring may begin to emerge. the page of wands is a trailblazer, a risk-taker, and invites me to consider what parts of myself crave the same excitement.

what needs to be released or forgiven? the lovers: partnership, balance, harmony. whether i need to explore forgiveness or release within my main relationship or find this within myself, this cycle will invite opportunities for choice, a chance to acknowledge long pathways and deep connections. the lovers is intensely tied to equilibrium, asking us to celebrate all parts of ourselves, our needs and desires, our cravings and wishes.

where are these transitions leading me? queen of wands: brilliance, creativity, confidence. i love the journey from the page to the queen of wands within this spread, a child just beginning to explore her fire versus a powerful and badass leader who knows exactly how to wield it. this queen is so passionate, so active, so aware of her power and brilliance and creative spark. she inspires everyone around her, helps ideas develop and shine, and is magnificent in her strength and wit. if i can explore my magic and shadows, begin to embrace my fire, and find balance both within myself and in my relationships, i can develop into this intensely powerful, richly creative leader.

what is this new moon and eclipse combination revealing for you? and how will you utilize it? please feel free to tag me if you use this spread, and have a wonderful new moon!