libra season

transitioning from earthy, reflective, structured virgo season into airy, balanced, exploratory libra season always feels like a relief. i love the rich soul-searching and powerful internal understandings that come from virgo and the hermit, love having time to process all the lessons from the previous seasons and make a concrete plan for how to manifest all the of the dreams and visions that have come up - but now we have a chance to lighten up a bit, to seek out pleasure and collaboration, to breathe and ask questions and experiment. libra’s card is justice, an archetype of balance and harmony, and a time when we start to put our ideas and perspectives out into the world, see how they feel when those opinions stop being theoretical and begin to impact our choices and decisions. this season is all about finding our footing, considering multiple approaches, honoring our internal sense of morality and ethics while still understanding that we live in a very complex world. and with the weather turning crisp and cool, this is a time of harvest, to look at what we’ve accomplished and consider what more is in store for us.

summer solstice spread (1).png

my tarotscopes at autostraddle for libra season are now live, and always include a spread template for readers to plug in the cards i’ve pulled to make a custom reading for the season. but with today also being the autumn equinox, i wanted to create another spread that made space to explore some more possibilities, to find greater potential, and to understand the importance of balance as we move into the next portion of the astrological year.


what am i harvesting? five of wands. i’ve had so many ideas for projects i want to work on, ambitions to pursue, dreams i hope to manifest - and while it’s been exciting to think through the possibilities, it can also cause internal conflict or a sense of being overwhelmed. too many directions and i end up going nowhere. this season i’ll be harvesting that difficult struggle between wanting to do it all and knowing i need to choose one thing at a time - libra season will allow me to release some of that pressure and instead enjoy the process of creating and collaborating.

how can i find more balance? the star. it’s been a difficult year in so many ways, but i’ve also seen a lot change in a short period of time. the star is a beautiful card of hope and healing, and being willing to consider positive outcomes or thinking more critically about the ways that my struggles have made space for growth could help to shift my perspectives, opening me up to new viewpoints and emotions. it’s okay to not always be okay, but it’s also okay to celebrate progress rather than downplaying accomplishments. the star has enough space for both.

what can be lightened? six of wands. i don’t often take time to feel a sense of pride in my accomplishments, preferring instead to just move on to the next thing. but the six of wands has so much victory, joy, celebration, and ushers in a new period of focused movement and powerful inspiration. libra season is asking me to take time to honor the growth i’ve experienced, the successes i’ve had, and to find joy and personal power in the movement i’m creating.

how can i find my deepest potential this season? knight of coins. pentacles have been a huge theme for me this month, and seeing this determined and resourceful knight, moving with thoughtful patience and deep focus, is incredibly inspiring. i can find my richest potential this season by continuing that path forward, by honoring the work i’ve done and the goals i’ve set, by staying consistent and organized. knights always carry a bit of a warning not to get too lost in one particular energy, and the explorer of earth is a reminder that i shouldn’t be too stubborn, or become unwilling to shift my path forward - libra brings a lot of flexibility, and i need to embrace that too.

what does this darker time of year have in store? nine of cups. this is such a lovely card of satisfaction and success, of acknowledging the wishes we’ve had fulfilled along with the ones we’re still holding close. as the days begin to shorten and the nights grow longer, i’ll find myself proud and content, able to share the work i’ve done with others that celebrate with me. this isn’t a card of absolute completion, reminding me that all of my projects won’t be wrapped up - but it will be a state of joy and happiness, a chance to honor all that i’ve done and continue moving gently forward.


i love the balance between fire and earth in this reading - it really speaks to the passion and inspiration i’ve been feeling lately, while continuing to remind me that growth requires patience and focus, and is not something that can be rushed. at the end of this journey comes joy and satisfaction, pleasure and pride, and it’s a beautiful thing to be working towards - the work i’m doing and the projects i’m planning all fulfill some deep needs and desires, and i see the star as an indication that maintaining this journey will also bring some essential healing.

what are you most looking forward to about autumn and libra season? what lessons did virgo bring that you can explore from a fresher perspective? what’s your relationship with the justice card, and how do you see its influence playing out in the coming weeks?