full moon in sagittarius

as we come to the end of energetic, creative gemini season and begin to move into the time of sensitive, emotional cancer, this moon in sagittarius inspires high energy, exploration, and movement. and yet full moons often ask us to be still and reflect, to honor how far we’ve come, to consider where we’re going. this is not a moon for intense work or forward motion, but instead a chance to assess the personal truths we’re carrying, the movement we’ve made, and the ideas we are ready to leave behind.

full moon in sagittarius updated spread.png

i draw single cards for my patrons during every new and full moon, and this cycle began with the empress - a beautiful card of creation, transitions, honoring the process. she is all about raw magic, putting ideas into the world and seeing how they look once they are made manifest. there’s no need for perfection, but rather the empress offers a chance to play, to celebrate the process, to honor where we are. when we are able to create without expectation, we can find so much unexpected beauty and inspiration, and build new starts that we can continue in the future.

we’ve had some intense moon phases lately, and this one felt like a lot of mixed energy - gemini and sagittarius begging for movement and active work, cancer wanting dreamy introspection and self-care, and the moon phase itself craving quiet celebration and deep release. i created a simple spread for this full moon, hoping for insight into this particular cycle as well as advice on what to bring forward and what to leave behind.


where is this full moon inviting celebration? the sun: celebration itself, bringing truths into the light, honoring a childlike spirit of joy and the community that surrounds me. after returning from a-camp and processing a lot of emotions and experiences, i still feel a sense of hope. this camp wasn’t easy, especially after multiple deaths in the family and a second cross-country move this year, but i’m finding such joy in being back home, in reconnecting with my friends, in envisioning my possible futures. this full moon asks me to dance in sunlight and fire, to honor where i am, and to rejoice with those that care for me.

where might i be overdoing it? the lovers: balance, freedom, partnership. i may be relying too much on others for assurance that i’m doing the right thing, encouragement about my work and choices, support for my needs and desires. having chosen family, rich friendships, and a supportive life partner are all wonderful, powerful things, but i also need to be able to rely on myself, to find balance within, and to move with purpose and steadiness. i think of myself as strong and independent, but am often very unsure of my path, or doubt my choices. i need to leave some of that uncertainty behind and be willing to take chances alone, to stand behind my work and put myself out there in new ways.

how can i channel this passionate, exploratory energy? the hierophant: ritual, magic, spirituality, history. i need to spend more time considering how i harness and utilize my own personal magic, to understand my connections between physical and spiritual, to respect my history and see how it shapes my future. this card can so often represent structure and power, feel like boundaries or restrictions, and yet when i create rituals for myself and celebrate the faith that i have found as an adult, i feel more free than i ever did in organized religion. small spells, working with crystals, daily tarot readings, and feeling peace when i spend time in nature - this faith looks so different than what i was raised in, but it feeds my spirit and encourages me constantly.

what impact will this moon have on my future? the hanged man: shifting perspectives, surrender, intention. with so much intensity in the previous cards, this full moon will alter the way i see my future, and could usher in some powerful and essential transitions. i have a very particular narrative around my past, my personality, and my trauma, and while these cards invite celebration in community and taking control over who i am becoming, they also ask me to do a lot of heavy, internal work and processing. when we dig deep and take an honest look at our shadows, it’s not unusual to make unexpected discoveries that alter the way we see ourselves or our path. the hanged man asks us to breathe in the moment, surrender to our inner self, and be willing to let go of expectation until a situation changes.


four major arcana cards in a spread is a lot, and means i have much to work through and work out this full moon. and while it can be intimidating to see this many majors in a full moon spread, i know that i’m working through a lot internally, processing and shifting, dreaming and creating. even though full moons so often ask us to release and celebrate, honoring the height of a cycle, what i see in these cards is just a beginning. and with the hanged man on the end, signaling an oncoming shift in perspective, i feel release and surrender just around the corner.

how is this full moon feeling for you? are you enjoying celebration, or anticipating a letting go? if you use the spread above, please tag me or let me know how it went in the comments. happy full moon!