full moon in capricorn & lunar eclipse

with this year’s cancer season feeling especially intense, adding multiple eclipses and mercury retrograde has made the last few weeks heavy, sensitive, and emotional. i’m wrestling through choices and possibilities, thinking through my broader goals and personal ambitions, and it feels like a lot. and yet today’s full moon in capricorn gives us a much-needed reprieve from so much water, bringing in grounded, ambitious, focused earth to help us find our way into fiery leo season.

summer solstice spread.png

eclipses make everything more intense, more amplified, more powerful - but they can also feel a bit chaotic, shifting energy in a way that feels unexpected even when we know it’s coming. the new moon a few weeks ago was also anchored by an eclipse, making this moon cycle a particularly potent and powerful one. and as we prepare to move from cancer’s cardinal water into leo’s fixed fire next week, we have a chance to transform, releasing any lingering fear or doubt or frustration and instead finding movement, joy, and adventure. and while my cards from earlier this month encouraged me to dive deep internally, and to let my inner magic guide my outer passions, today’s full moon is more centered on what i can release.


what is this full moon asking me to celebrate? three of cups. while reflection and inner wisdom feel like intensely personal, private explorations, i’m still finding new and powerful ways to connect to the people i care about. i’m taking more risks, allowing people to see more of my vulnerabilities and emotions, and it’s allowing me to build richer connections. the chosen family that i’ve found within tarot and the queer community is one that is strengthening and uplifting me, encouraging me to be my true self and celebrate who i am. this full moon asks me to honor that work, and to enjoy the relationships i’ve found.

what is this eclipse asking me to release? the fountain. release the illusion of control, the need to explain or understand or rationalize everything, and instead allow some situations or connections or conflicts to just be. i’m someone that loves to find meaning in things, to tell stories and explore narratives and connect events and people and emotions in tangled, messy, beautiful ways - but sometimes that can get in the way of simply allowing magic to happen, and enjoying the sensation of being small in a vast, mysterious world. this full moon encourages me to release the expectation that i will see it all, and instead to enjoy not knowing.

where can i be more open or willing to explore? the hierophant. a card that came up just a few days ago, this archetype explores the connections between the physical and spiritual, the knowledge of greater powers, the connections to past, present, and future. i’ve been wrestling with this for years, working to understand my conservative religious upbringing and my current use of tarot and spells, but there’s endless trails to follow and paths to discover. this is an important piece of my history, and an essential aspect to keep exploring.

where could i use more structure or purpose? ace of cups. emotions and intuition are things i rarely allow much structure, but letting new journeys or connections follow more specific boundaries or guidelines could help me protect myself in important ways. rather than throwing myself into any new relationship, drowning in sensitive feelings, or pushing past spiritual discoveries, it may help me to create more structure in these explorations. my emotions and responses aren’t random, and finding the patterns that my heart constantly follows could allow me more control over how i respond and act in certain situations.

how does this connect to my progress so far this year? five of cups. it’s been an intensely challenging year, with multiple deaths in the family, several cross-country moves, and shifting career and relationship expectations. i have absolutely experienced loss, and haven’t always had the necessarily time to grieve and reflect on this pain before having to move into the next phase. and yet, there are still cups that are whole and filled, waiting patiently for attention - and i know that i still have people that care about me, creativity to share, ambitions to pursue.


the cards are spot on, urging me to stay connected with my community while exploring richer spiritual and emotional paths within, and honoring how much i’ve been through this year. healing is rarely linear, and this is a time for quiet rest, compassion for the self, and finding hope for the future. i can celebrate my progress while also respecting the challenges of my journey.

have a beautiful full moon, and remember to take plenty of space and rest today - these are intense and difficult energies to move through. and if you use my spread, please feel free to tag me so that i can see your readings!