full moon in aquarius

we’re still in dazzling, fiery leo season, bursting with inspiration and adventure - but with so much planetary movement, eclipses, and shifts over the last month or two, this has been a summer of deep transformation and powerful manifestation. there’s a lot to process, to feel, to consider, and today’s full moon in aquarius may feel a bit more intense than usual.

with so many transitions and planetary transits over the last few months, it may feel that foundations are breaking apart, that knowledge is being challenged, that ideas and truths that felt stable are suddenly slipping away. and while this can be frightening, frustrating, or agitating, transformations make space for evolution, growth, and empowerment. leo season has been all about challenging what we thought we knew, finding the confidence and courage to embrace change, and owning our strength and personal magic.

full moon in aquarius.jpeg

leo and aquarius are opposites - one hot and fiery, passionate and present, while the other is cool and detached, observant and forward-thinking. both tend to think the best of things, leo finding joy in their personal confidence and courage with aquarius believing the best in others and seeing the possibilities in society at large. and while these signs may not seem completely at ease with each other, especially in light of today’s full moon, this phase invites self-examination, consideration, and celebration. we can find the best parts of ourselves, consider how we can best contribute to collaborate arts and efforts, and honor our victories while also seeing potential areas for improvement. today’s full moon invites collaboration and decisions based around the collective, rather than leo’s focus on the individual, and may force us to spend time with desires or ideas that make us a bit uncomfortable.

i wrote this simple spread as a chance to explore where our focus should be, as well as taking this opportunity to both celebrate and make room for growth. in spite of potential discomfort and growing pains during these long, transformative months, aquarius reminds us to consider the big picture, to dream of a better future, and to invest in personal growth and exploration. with virgo season beginning next week, this is a perfect chance to begin the process of reflection and introspection that the hermit will soon usher in.


what to focus on: the hanged man. i’ve been seeing so many cards of surrender, release, and patience in the last few weeks, from strength to hecate to the seven of swords. all of these cards keep bringing the same message - i have to let go of expectation, prepare for whatever comes next, and abandon any illusion of control. i’ve been trying so hard to be patient as i continue waiting to see what comes next for me, working to stay calm and not push and practice wisdom, but i’m starting to get frustrated with my lack of progress. and while leo’s fire may be consumed with inspiration and passion, aquarius makes a lot of space for the bigger picture, evolution, and a more holistic view of the world. by embracing the water bringer’s expansive perspective, i may be able to find it easier to surrender to this moment, to find richer lessons in the in the in-between.

what to celebrate: death. coming right after the hanged man both in the major arcana and this spread, my beloved scorpio card asks me to accept something coming to a natural end, and to celebrate the freedom and release that this can so often bring. the hanged man and death both can speak to discomfort in different ways, but giving in to greater powers and allowing fate to guide us forward can often be a relief. this kind of permanent conclusion can sometimes catch us by surprise, but after so many weeks of the same messages to wait and yield and relinquish power, i’m in a space to celebrate this shift and anticipate the ways this change will create new space.

what to shift: the chariot. rounding out this intense trio, the chariot is an archetype of momentum, determination, and focus - and while this powerful movement and drive can be inspirational and powerful in the right moments, right now it’s the kind of energy i need to release. this is a time to stay in this space of capitulation and sacrifice, to embrace the lessons of the hanged man and death, and to resist my urges to push forward. i need to be content to sit in stillness for a time, and see what internal wisdom and magic manifest during this upcoming transformation.


i’ve been having a tough week, and asked the cards for clear messages - and with three major arcana cards, i’d say the moonchild tarot delivered. and while i’ve been hoping that this lengthy time in the in-between was coming to an end, the cards indicate that i may still have more to surrender. a crossroads is approaching, and i can’t rush my way through it - instead, i need to seek stillness, be aware of the bigger picture, and prepare for further evolution.

how are you honoring today’s full moon in aquarius? are your cards equally intense? if you use my spread, please tag me - i’d love to see your cards and interpretations. have a beautiful moon celebration!