deck interview: the muse tarot

some decks are just so vivid, so powerful, so inspiring, that you have to snatch them up the moment the opportunity arises. and while i missed the original kickstarter for the muse tarot, when the decks became available for pre-order i jumped on it, eager to work with these colorful and evocative cards.


packaged in a sturdy tuck box, the cards are thick but flexible, standard tarot size, edged in coral and smooth to the touch. colors are vibrant and eye-catching, and the deck shuffles fairly well right out of the box, with only minimal sticking. the guidebook is unfortunately only in digital form for now, making it a bit clumsy to access, but offers detailed and artistic explanations of each card. most of the major arcana uses the original card names, but the suits have new titles: inspiration (wands/fire), emotions (cups/water), voices (swords/air), and materials (pentacles/earth).

i love using beth’s deck interview spread whenever i get a new set of cards, as it’s a powerful and immediate way to get a sense of the relationship we could build together, the potential in these readings.


tell me about yourself. what is your most important characteristic? ten of materials (ten of pentacles). this deck is grounded, patient, thoughtful. with earthy energy and a sense of deep responsibility, these cards aim to teach me about growth, personal power, generosity, and responsibility. this is a deck to reach for when i’m struggling with progress, eager to invest in myself, planting seeds for a brilliant future. it wants me to find success and prosperity, and may help me create a legacy that extends far beyond myself.

what are your strengths as a deck? awakening (judgment). offering forgiveness, reflection, and personal magic, this deck is empowering and eye-opening, revealing deep truths that i’ve missed or overlooked. it may help me find reserves of strength and joy i didn’t know existed within me, to learn to let go of past mistakes or guilt, and to move forward with confidence. this deck excels at encouraging awareness and acceptance, and will be excellent for questions or spreads that lead to deep growth and powerful understanding.

what are your limits as a deck? two of materials (two of pentacles). balance is always a challenge, in tarot and in life, and this deck may be better suited to more direct questions rather than complex spreads tackling multiple issues. if i’m feeling overwhelmed by to-dos, uncertain of which way to turn, this deck may not be as strong as others to help me sort out priorities.

what are you here to teach me? nine of materials (nine of pentacles). the muse tarot will teach me independence, personal pride, celebration of accomplishments. by staying grounded in beautiful earth energy, this deck has the potential to help me grow in so many ways, exploring my dreams and hopes for the future, honoring the work i’ve done and the skills i’ve spent time cultivating. these cards may be able to help me get deeper in touch with my own purpose, finding confidence in who i am and what i’m building.

how can i best learn and collaborate with you? the tower. when i reach for these cards, i need to be ready for intense, powerful, irrevocable transformation. i’ll be able to best learn when i know that things always have potential to change, and honor the cycles and shifts that are so important in growth. this may be a different relationship than my other decks, one that requires me to constantly be rebuilding myself. these cards will be most powerful for me if i come to them flexible, ready to learn and adapt, willing to accept difficult truths or powerful and unexpected opportunities.

what is the potential outcome of our working relationship? the hierophant. beautiful potential to shift the way i see myself, faith, spirituality, knowledge, and history. i may be able to see what doesn’t work in my current rituals, find new ways to analyze and understand my past, and tap deep into my personal magic, creating a future that feels more holistic and personal than before. these cards may be a teacher, but they could also help me learn to become one too, challenging my beliefs and asking what i worship.


with three major arcana cards and three earth pips in today’s reading, this deck feels extremely rich, resourceful, like it will encourage both transformative stillness and powerful, slow growth. there’s endless potential in these cards, opportunities to learn more about both tarot and myself, to tap even deeper into the magic of this practice. i can’t wait to introduce these cards into my regular rotation and read with them consistently - i feel like they have a lot to teach me.

check out both of chris-anne’s new decks and follow them on instagram for more updates on creation, art, and tarot. have you worked with this deck? how have you enjoyed it so far?