black supermoon in leo

today’s new moon has a lot going on. a black supermoon in leo, after multiple eclipses, and mercury stationing direct all in the same day means that we’re dealing with a lot of shifting energy. new moons invite us to set intentions, plant seeds, begin a new cycle of growth, understanding, and connection. and with july’s eclipses urging transformation and mercury retrograde asking us to communicate thoughtfully and carefully, the transition from cancer to leo season has been particularly intense and challenging for many.

it’s often tempting to make elaborate plans at times like these, when it feels like energy is releasing, fire is building, everything is asking us to move forward with speed and intensity after times of caution and reflection. and for some of us, that may be just what we need to make progress. but i would encourage us all to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned during the last few months, to make sure we’re internalizing that knowledge instead of simply being grateful for it and then leaving it behind. transformation is permanent, transition is powerful, and the shifts that we’ve been experiencing make space for so much growth and understanding. leo’s fire may feel all wrapped up in passion, inspiration, and adventure, but leo’s birth card of strength is a card of patience, inner wisdom, knowing how to control our wildness. it’s important to find the balance between following our heart’s desires and remembering where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced, which mistakes we don’t want to repeat. acknowledge the cycles and growth you’ve worked through, and carry that history forward into this brand new cycle.

new moon in taurus spread.png

i wanted to keep this new moon spread simple, giving one keyword per card instead of longer, more complex questions. this reading asks us to dig deep, to seek connections and reflect on growth, to get excited about the future without forgetting the past. leo wants us to be confident, bold, powerful, to move with passion and joy, to be proud of our accomplishments and celebrate who we are becoming. harness that fiery energy but don’t lose sight of your larger goals, and the milestones you have already reached. it is possible to be both present and see potential ahead.


inspiration: nine of swords. i’ve always found inspiration in my shadows, in the darkest parts of me, and it may be that this cycle invites intense reflection. this could be a time to observe my movement within, to find a deeper understanding of what makes me tick, what i’m afraid of, what halts my growth. it’s also possible that i’ll find inspiration harder to grasp this season, buried beneath anxieties, darkness, fear. but being aware of this possibility, of my own patterns and habits and cycles, may give me the power to work through it in new ways, to confront and move past it so that i can still find the magic i’m seeking. this may be a challenging card, but the suit of swords speaks to the strength of the mind, and reminds me that i’m not powerless.

confidence: two of swords. i have an opportunity to choose a path forward, to grab a blade and leave another behind. and while this choice isn’t always easy or pleasant, firmly deciding what i want and how i want to pursue it will instill confidence within me, and help me feel more sure about my own potential, opportunities, and talents. this card can sometimes feel like a blockage, indicating similar patterns as the nine of swords, but i also think it gives us a chance to take control, to choose our fate, to own our path forward. my confidence may be slow to build, but it’s getting there, and i have to keep choosing to uncover it.

potential: five of cups. there’s potential for sadness this season, for loss, grief, or heartbreak. and while i may find myself disappointed by some outcomes, not getting what i want or finding the possibilities and opportunities i’m longing for, it doesn’t mean that all is lost - simply that i need to be aware of the full picture, and not only focus on the cups that have been spilled or broken. a lot of the intentions i’ve set during the last few cycles have been around potential work, building community, and believing in myself, and while those aren’t goals that will necessarily resolve in a few short weeks, i’ll find the potential i want by paying attention to my intuition and emotions, by recognizing what’s been lost while remembering what’s still present.

awareness: maiden of pentacles. growth may be slow, but it’s steady, filled with wonder, patience, and power. this child of earth is so eager to explore, so willing to take chances and see what happens when she listens to her natural instincts and lets her gut lead her forward. and while this page is kneeling in quiet rather than charging forward, it indicates a choice to be aware and present, rather than missing the world around her in pursuit of her goals. she is observant, joyful, ready to receive - just the way i need to be this cycle.

while many of these cards speak of pain, challenges, sadness, and confusion, the page of pentacles at the end serves as a reminder that growth is not linear, but can continue even in the face of darkness. and truly, those that never experience hardship or confusion or difficulties rarely move through shifts or transformation, instead staying stagnant in their singular understanding of the world. it may be a complicated few weeks, requiring me to remember my strengths, ask for help, or reflect on the choices i’ve made, but this time will also allow me to continue moving forward, to keep discovering new truths about who i am and who i want to become.


what intentions are you setting for this new moon cycle? where are you finding inspiration and confidence, what potential do you see, and how are you practicing awareness? if you use this spread, please tag me so i can check out your reading, and have a beautiful new moon!