anniversary reading

today marks ten years since i got married: ten years of joy, growth, and a lot of struggles. it’s not easy to get married young, and it’s incredibly difficult to stay married for so long. but seeing the ways that my partner and i have learned together, supported each other, expanded our understandings of who we are and what we want - it feels pretty wild to have reached this milestone.

rather than doing a big complicated spread, i wanted to stick with a simple three-card reading, my favorite kind of spread for most occasions. past/present/future feels apt today, a way to trace our progress, honor where we are, and celebrate all that’s ahead, those dreams we haven’t even dreamed of yet.


past: ace of cups. powerful emotion, the start of something new and beautiful, a connection that could become almost anything. we met so long ago, and were so very young, and yet we could see the potential in this relationship, the possibility that it provided for both of us. and while we’d known each other for years before we started spending more time together (and it was a few more years after that before we actually started dating), the compassion and empathy that we’ve consistently extended towards each other has been there right from the beginning. together we’ve learned how to love, how to express emotion, how to connect and expand and surrender.

present: three of coins. we keep finding new resources, both within each other and in our families and communities. it’s a slow building, a gradual process, but we’ve found ways to be on each other’s team over and over, to support each other and create space for growth. i like to think we’ve become resources for each other, that we’ve built a family and partnership that has space for all of our dreams, visions, ideas. and while i just pulled this card yesterday, in this context i see it as a way to build each other up, to expand our perspectives on what we’re capable of, both separately and together.

future: seven of coins. this is a card of both assessment and pride, celebrating how far we’ve come while looking for what may need to shift in the future. and while i can see so much potential for what’s ahead, i love that this card keeps speaking of growth, that we haven’t reached an end or a completion just yet. we both have so much more to learn, and can keep leaning on each other as we grow individually, as we discover new passions, dreams, goals. there’s a sense of refinement in this card, a chance to zero in more specifically on our vision of the future, while simultaneously digging deeper to understand what we truly want.


all i see in these cards is growth and support, and i love it. my husband and i are very different people, with different interests and goals and paths, but the ways that our lives have intertwined strengthens both of us, and can help us grow in ways neither of us may have thought possible alone. i’m looking forward to what the next ten years may bring.