it's been a very busy february. starting with new clients, signing up for my first marathon (on my birthday!), non-stop shoots and studio days and projects - i'm glad to be busy as a freelancer, but i'm getting burned out. and with friendships fading and my social life staying quiet, it seems the perfect opportunity to spend this rare morning off with my cards and my thoughts. i didn't have a specific question or concern in mind, but wanted to do more than my beloved daily one-card draws. this simple three-card spread from biddy tarot is perfect for this morning.

IMG_3254stop. the king of coins: traditional, practical, stubborn, stable. this king is set in his ways, for better or worse - they've made him successful, kept him grounded, taught him to avoid innovation and newness and cling to the old ways that have always served him. his wealth is important, but he also shows his care for others by providing for their needs, assisting when they're down, supporting as much as he can. his success also ties heavily into his own personal feelings of worth, and if those physical needs are not met or his wealth becomes compromised, he will falter.

for me, this card serves as a reminder to not cling to physical possessions or material wealth. i don't think of myself as someone that really cares about money - i'm a creative professional, an artist, a freelancer, and none of those things will ever make me rich. but it's easy to get caught up in what-ifs, to long for things i don't really need, to hope that that new camera or sparkly lens or fancy software will make me better, smarter, more successful.

the king of coins isn't a bad guy - he cares deeply for his family and community, is intelligent and confident, enjoys the comforts of a long and prosperous career. but it's important to continue challenging myself, to not settle into patterns that don't let me grow.

IMG_3256start. more coins! this two is all about physical and earthly balance. though this strong arm is supporting the weight of both coins, it's a precarious position - with the rest of him submerged in the rushing water, how can he see clearly? this balance isn't sustainable, no matter how much he may want it.

it can be satisfying, keeping all those balls in the air. some days i know i'm crushing it, zipping from cleaning the house to a scheduled shoot to therapy to running group to spending time with friends and family - but it's also exhausting, and i can't do it forever. it feels like a heavy weight, draining and painful.

this card is asking me to be more rational, to set proper boundaries, to not try to juggle every single thing that i want to do. sometimes we have to prioritize, have to let ourselves focus on one or two areas rather than five of six, lest we risk dropping everything and making a mess of things. i've been putting all of my energy into my career, and it's left little time for running, yoga, photography projects, social events, and self-care. i love my job and my clients, but i need to find ways to balance those efforts with other things that i enjoy, or i'll drown.

IMG_3257continue. temperance also speaks to balance, but from a spiritual perspective - duality, patience, harmony, grace, moderation, healing. this card invites us to listen to what our soul is crying out for, to acknowledge protection from the universe, to finding the right blend of energy out and energy in. the water not only flows between the cups in this bright being's hands, but also surrounds him. he brings something new within himself, and also fits beautifully into the universe he inhabits.

i've been working to feed my spirit on a daily basis, and even when i don't make time for yoga or meditation, i still can usually find a few minutes to do my daily tarot reading, to write a few lines, to read words written by people smarter and more experienced that i am. i've been craving that quiet reassurance, looking to things bigger than myself to find peace. temperance speaks to the magic of that endless in-between, giving us space to combine all the parts of ourselves with the more nebulous power that swirls around us. this card encourages me to keep going, keep reaching, keep listening.


and? i pulled an extra card to keep facedown in my instagram photo, and while it doesn't fit within the spread, it felt like it still offered wisdom i should heed. the knight of wands is passionate, adventurous, persistent, enthusiastic. he's full of fire, but all that energy can lack focus. it feels very familiar - i have all of this creative power flowing, am stretching myself in every possible direction, but it means all these areas are suffering. i'm putting up new walls, finding new ways to hide in plain sight - and it's literally taking a toll on my body, which feels like it may actually be smoldering. the pain i'm feeling is real, and i'm making it worse by refusing to slow down. this card fits perfectly with the idea of balance that runs throughout my spread: encouraging me to seek quiet moments, not let myself be consumed by sparks and flames, remember grounding earth and quiet, still waters.

thank you for reading.