new year, new look

you may notice that this blog looks quite different from its old version, known as daughter of cups. i'm not big on new years or resolutions, but one of my goals for this upcoming year is to spend more time on this blog, to start offering tarot readings to friends and strangers, and to do a deeper dive into photography and writing. with that in mind, i'm delighted to introduce my new name: 3am tarot. as a lifelong insomniac (a condition more commonly known as idiopathic insomnia), i find that much of my best creative work comes at night. i've always loved the quiet times when everyone else is asleep, knowing that i can be fully present, fully alive, fully aware. 3am is a time i see many days, and while it's frustrating to not be asleep, it's delicious to know that i'm the only one awake. rather than continuing to fight this tendency, i'd rather lean in and embrace this challenge, a condition that's shaped my life and personality but also given me strength i may never have known otherwise.

i will continue to post daily on my instagram (currently @wandering.priestess, changing soon to @3am.tarot), and will be sharing more work here. please feel free to reach out at any time for readings, questions, comments, or just to connect - i love to meet fellow tarot readers, witches, practitioners of magic, queer folk, or any kind of badass people.

happy 2018, and keep reaching for magic - even if it's at 3am.