finding heart

after yesterday's five of cups, i was rather expecting another card that would follow in the same pattern. perhaps the three of swords, or the five of pentacles, or the ten of wands. but instead i pulled a much stronger, more empowering card: the mother of cups. mother-of-cups

having just worked with this card in a larger spread based on my career, this queen of the emotional realm is certainly a welcome sight. a far cry from the yesterday's five, which i certainly experienced throughout the day, this card represents strong intuition, creativity, compassion, and tranquility. her psychic abilities and gentle awareness bring healing and sensitivity to those around her.

while the mother of cups is certainly a card i would work towards, today i think she is simply reminding me to trust my intuition and find heart. by being kind to myself and offering compassion to others, i can have a much more positive and constructive day than yesterday's wallowing in sadness and pain. my intuition is strong, and while that can sometimes be a painful thing, i'm grateful for the wisdom it can bring in difficult situations. by choosing to remain  open, even in the face of the full spectrum of human emotion, i will only grow stronger and more aware.