receiving a tarot reading can be an encouraging, moving, intensely personal experience. i’m always honored to read cards for others, and grateful for the trust that my clients put in me. tarot is a tool for introspection and examination, a chance to gain insight, see things from another perspective, or receive advice. i do not predict the future or outcomes, and will not tell you what to do or how to act, but i can help dig more deeply into an issue and find new understandings of both the situation and yourself.

while tarot can provide clarity and insights on a wide variety of topics, it doesn’t always answer in the ways we expect. many people like to receive readings on falling in love, timing for future events, or deepening a relationship - and while the cards can help us see situations like this from fresh perspectives,
ultimately the choice of what to do after a reading is up to you, the querent. you are in control of your own destiny, your own life, your own decisions. the cards are here to support and encourage you, but they rarely mince words, and i read their messages as honestly and clearly as i can.

i accept both venmo and paypal, and readings are sent via email within one week of receiving payments. all readings include a detailed write-up in a PDF, along with photos of the cards chosen. i’m happy to read with any of my main decks (the wild unknown tarot, the fountain tarot, the lumina tarot, the moonchild tarot), but clients without preferences will receive a reading from the deck of my choice.

i look forward to reading with you.

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three-card readings - $40

my most popular offering, three-card readings help put things into perspective, offering insight into a situation as well as advice on where to go or what to do next. these spreads can be tailored to fit any question, issue, or situation. submit a specific question or topic of concern (love, career, finances, etc), or request a general reading - but remember, the more details you can give me on what you’re looking for, the more useful and personal your reading will be.

recommended readings include:
stop/start/continue: great for feeling stuck, checking in, or feeling the need to make a change
past/present/future: perfect for finding direction, seeing bigger patterns, or considering a situation on a larger scale
current situation/insight/advice: can help offer encouragement and support for moving forward
you/another person/the relationship: provides perspective on your connection with someone else
what to hold on to/what to let go of/what to remember: a more general spread that can offer insights on moving forward

custom readings - $50+

looking for something more personal or detailed? i’d love to work with you to design a custom spread to address a specific situation, relationship, or question. we will correspond via email to create something tailored just for you, your situation, and the kind of insights you’d like to receive from the cards. price will vary based on the number of cards and decks used in the final spread.

recommended readings include:
∙choosing between multiple paths forward
∙love or relationship deep dive
∙major life decisions
∙month or year ahead
∙birthday or anniversary insights

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reading type *
please limit each reading to one subject, inquiry, or question. general readings are also available, but details allow me to create a spread more tailored to you.