so much of my tarot education and experience has been linked to writing - from my early days of working through card meanings in a spiral-bound notebook to starting a blog to posting my daily draws on instagram, tarot and writing have always been intrinsically linked. my professional photography work was a natural combination, allowing me to capture images of the beautiful cards and decks in ways that i hope inspire, motivate, and encourage.

but i have bigger dreams for my tarot work, projects i want to create and communities i want to build. and while so much of the content i create is free, and i love being able to offer so much in a way that is accessible, i believe it’s time to take the next step.

the 3am.tarot patreon is now live, and i’m so incredibly grateful to everyone who’s supported me. this platform allows me to introduce a new online community space for tarot readers, writers, and creatives to share their work, inspire each other, and learn more about these archetypes and images. it will eventually also give me the financial freedom to create larger projects, like digital e-books containing my writings and studies on the major and minor arcana. there are other things i want to do - a portrait series, an essay collection, my first tarot deck - and all of those projects become so much more possible with financial support from the community.

none of this is possible without subscribers, so i’ve worked hard to create tiers that express my gratitude and appreciation for patrons at every level. all patrons receive access to an exclusive private tarot readers community, while middle tiers get monthly posts with a theme card and reflections for the coming weeks. higher tiers receive three-card monthly readings or personal custom readings, with more levels and rewards to come.

thank you for joining me on this new part of my journey - i can’t wait to see where it takes us.

a huge thank you to my current patrons, including:
tysharina of divination dragon
renee of the uncaged tarot, particularly their incredible tarot playlists!