photographer, insomniac, reader, writer, explorer. infp, bisexual. scorpio sun, leo moon, gemini rising. she/her. nyc.

growing up in a fundamentalist, evangelical home, my relationship with spirituality was always intrinsically tied to conservative religion. after struggling for years to reclaim a personal faith and understanding of the world around me, i purchased my first tarot deck in the summer of 2016 with the powerful desire to have something that was just mine; a way to understand spirituality that wasn’t connected to my upbringing. i quickly fell in love with the way that tarot allowed me to explore my own intuition, weave stories and ideas together seamlessly, and see something new in the cards with every single reading.

i've always been an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, and i have always gravitated towards magic, witchcraft, mystery, darkness, and anything that cannot be easily explained. learning the language of tarot felt like a natural piece of my own personal puzzle, a way to connect with both others and myself. i’m consistently surprised and comforted by the wisdom i find within the cards, and the ways that they have allowed me to harness and more fully understand my own personal magic.

i'm very active on instagram, and love to connect with fellow tarot readers, witches, practitioners of magic, queer folk, badass women, and anyone with an open mind. readings are available through the link above, and feel free to contact me by this form.

thanks for reading!

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