in december 2018, i hosted an instagram challenge on the major arcana. for 22 days, a group of tarot readers shared insights and answered questions around these most famous and challenging cards of the tarot. each of my posts included astrological details, planetary rulers, connections to court cards within the minor arcana, and my own thoughts on the archetype itself, as well as how it fits within the fool's journey. since instagram can be difficult to search, i've linked to each of my posts below. feel free to continue interacting on these posts, as studying the major arcana is a lifelong practice.

#decembermajors instagram major arcana challenge posts

the foolthe magicianthe high priestessthe empressthe emperor
the hierophantthe loversthe chariotjusticethe hermitwheel of fortune
∙ strengththe hanged mandeathtemperancethe devilthe tower
∙ the starthe moonthe sunjudgmentthe world


throughout 2019 i'll be hosting challenges for the four suits of the minor arcana. full details are on instagram, and you can also access posts directly as they are created and shared. each suit will get its own month, with a day for every card that includes insights, questions, connections to major arcana cards, astrological placements, and plenty of room for discussion.

since this will be a four-month challenge with a bit of time between each suits, feel free to join or go back through on any timeline. these are meant to be active resources, growing and evolving as our community tarot practice continues.

#2019minorarcana instagram minor arcana challenge posts

fire // wands : february
ace of wandstwo of wandsthree of wandsfour of wandsfive of wands
six of wandsseven of wandseight of wandsnine of wandsten of wands
page of wandsknight of wandsqueen of wandsking of wands

earth // pentacles : march
ace of pentaclestwo of pentaclesthree of pentaclesfour of pentacles
five of pentaclessix of pentaclesseven of pentacleseight of pentacles
nine of pentaclesten of pentaclespage of pentaclesknight of pentacles
queen of pentaclesking of pentacles

air // swords : may
ace of swordstwo of swordsthree of swordsfour of swordsfive of swords
six of swordsseven of swordseight of swordsnine of swordsten of swords
page of swordsknight of swordsqueen of swordsking of swords

water // cups : june
ace of cupstwo of cupsthree of cupsfour of cupsfive of cups
six of cupsseven of cupseight of cupsnine of cupsten of cups
page of cupsknight of cupsqueen of cupsking of cups